What's up with Badminton

Bad or not Bad, .....

If you already played or if you want to discover, Badminton is simply fun. So do not hesitate and come along, have a look and finally join us.

For the moment we are around 45 people, which makes it possible to declare 2 teams to the sportcouncil.

In addition, we participate regularly to World Company Sporting Games and European Company Sporting Games.

As we are pretty international with players from Germany, France, China, Vietnam, India... Whatever your mother tongue, we can handle!

Guests staying in Hamburg for a limited period of time (interns, students,...) are also welcome.

If you have any question, have a look under "Ansprechpartner".

Due to a limited capacity of courts, and in order to coordinate at best, it is important to contact Udo Sch├Ąftner or Wolfgang Hahn even for trial sessions.

We apologize not to be able to provide training for teenagers for the time being.



Memory from WCSG2018

Memory from WCSG2018 in La Baule, France...

What about next ECSG?

Next European Companies Sporting Games ECSG2019 will take place in Salzburg...

Memories from ECSG2017... Look at the album ;-)

Highlights and memories from ECSG2017 in Ghent, Belgium. Have a look to the "Fotoalbum" section ;-)

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